Get ready to dance! Love! Sing! Weep! Punch!

We dive into the world of Indian Cinema (as best we can we can) with a little history, our personal experiences with the country’s output, and a list of the Indian cinema we’ve loved.

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Mother India (1957): The Ultimate Golden Age Indian Film.

Sholay (1975): The Ultimate 70’s Indian film.

Don (1978): A slice of funky Bollywood Gold.

Om Shanti Om (2007): A celebration of Blockbuster Indian Cinema in all it’s over the top glory.

Dhoom 2 (2006): Blockbuster cops and robbers craziness.

Lagaan (2001):  The most epic (and dramatic) cricket match to ever grace the screen. 

Eega (2012):  A man dies and gets re-incarnated as fly hellbent on revenge! 

Gangs of Wasseypur (2012):  Sprawling crime epic from the Johnnie To of India. 

3 Idiots (2009): A mega successful blockbuster about three friends in college. 

Dangal (2016): A washed up wrestler trains his daughter to wrestle in the Olympics. 

Pink (2016): Amitab Achbach stars as an elderly attorney that has to defend three women who decided to press charges against the men who sexually assaulted them. 

i (2015): Bug nut insanity that’s about a hunchback that wants revenge and f a goofy body builder that falls in love with a movie star. 

Pizza (2012): A spook-a-blast about a deliveryman that gets trapped in a mega haunted house.  Make sure to see the Tamil Version.

RA One (2011): Big budget superhero silliness

Kambakkht Ishq (2009): The one where Denise Richards marries the Adam Sandler of India. Will remembered nothing else.

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